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tv   ABC2 News at 6PM  ABC  March 29, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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is that an "a" or b minus? baltimore city schools want to hear from you on a new grading policy. we'll tell you what your child's report card may soon look like. first, breaking news from baltimore city. right now police are investigating a suspicious death here in remington. the body of a woman found in a home in the 2600 block of huntington avenue by her dad later in the afternoon. we have a crew on the scene now. we'll have the latest as it becomes available. here's a story we have told you many times. a crying parent has lost their daughter to hands of a driver who was not paying attention. family members often feel the punishment never fits the crime. so tonight, abc2 news don harrison with a push to drive lawmakers to toughen the vehicular manslaughter law. >> he was calm, kind, loving, good, solid, good sense
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person. >> reporter: nothing compares to the joy of marrying the person you love. >> didn't even notice him. did nothing to avoid the collision and killed him. >> reporter: nothing could be more hurtful than losing that person to a careless driver. that's what happened to adifah sotsky, a reckless driver killed him as he rode his motorcycle in 2004. adding to the hurt the reckless driver only had to pay a $500 fine. that's why she and some lawmakers want maryland to strengthen the penalties for reckless driving. her concern that maryland's law don't protect innocent drivers on maryland roads. >> this guy is on the road. who else is he going to hurt? or injure? >> reporter: delegate simmons feels the current law makes it too tough to charge someone for reckless driving if they kill another person. he wants maryland's law toking in line with the -- to be in line with the laws of more than 20 other states. >> right now you can slip away
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with nothing more than a equivalent of a traffic ticket. >> reporter: edward coles and his wife lost their son connor at age 15. he was killed in front of their home by a driver that was going 65 miles per hour on a narrow road with a speed limit of 30 miles per hour. edward feels the punishment wasn't just. >> he paid $1,200 in fines. did not go to court. we never saw him. he killed our son. he just paid a fine. >> reporter: the bill passed unanimously out of the house. supporters of this bill hope the senate will do the same. in annapolis, i'm don harrison for abc2 news. >> the senate judiciary committee is now considering the bill. no word on when a vote may take place. we'll be watching this closely. we want to know what you think about the punishment. what do you think it should be for drivers convicted of vehicular manslaughter? what kind of factors should be taken into consideration? leave your comments now on our facebook page at
6:03 pm developing tonight, gunfire outside of a food court entrance to a popular-area mall. tonight police are searching for the two men who opened fire on a third as the victim is recovering at the hospital. the shooting took place outside of the marley station mall in glen burnie. abc2 news roosevelt leftwich raced to the scene to find out what happened. rosy? >> reporter: the police say it's a situation that definitely wasn't typical for this mall. a man shot in the middle of the day in front of one of the busy sections of the mall. police taped off a large area outside of the food court entrance and say they are still sorting out out details. before 1:00 this afternoon the victim was confronted by two other men near a car. >> there was some sort of altercation that took place in the parking lot involving the victim and suspects. at this time we have a vague description of the suspects, possibly two adult black males that were seen leaving the area in a honda going southbound on ritchie highway. >> reporter: the victim was
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airlifted to shock trauma. last report, was in critical condition. this is the second major incident in the mall in a month. a woman was assaulted in early march, her car taken. that suspect was later captured. roosevelt leftwich, abc2 news. hours after baltimore county police stood before our camera yesterday telling us about their declining homicide rate they are investigating a new murder. it happened in the 4,000 block of winly road before midnight last night. police say 19-year-old willie jackson was shot to death. investigators tell us the shooting may have been drug-related. they are still looking for suspects. so far no arrests have been made. 40 years in prison, the punishment for a man who pleaded guilty to two counts of rape. for attacks that date back to 2007. a judge sentenced 20-year-old donald vaughn to life behind bars, however, he suspended all but 40 years of that sentence. the first attack happened new year's day in 2007. the other a few days before christmas 2009. two other sexual assault cases are pending against vaughn. those are out of virginia. the baltimore county police
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union president has officially been charged tonight with assault and reckless endangerment. the charges against sergeant cole westin stem from an altercation that happened last wednesday at an apartment complex in parkville. a man claims westin pulled a gun, threatened him. the harford county state's attorney's office is handling the case because of westin's position with the baltimore county police department. several stores passed the test. two did not. police in anne arundel county sent a 14-year-old into 10 stores in the pasadena area to try to buy cigarettes. the teen was turned down at several places but got away with some smokes at two gas stations. they are the royal farms in the 8400 block of fort smallwood road and the shell a couple of blocks down. the undercover sting was part of operation care which is cigarette availability retail enforcement. not a bad-looking day. low 50s for highs. that was good. some clear skies, sunshine.
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that was good. the problem is, it just isn't going to last. the next couple of days look much uglier. storms creeping from the west. a couple of storms on the way. right now temperature cool. through the the rest of the evening will fall to 32 by daybreak. tomorrow, clouds increasing through the afternoon. the possibility of a wintry mix getting in here tomorrow night. we'll talk about when that threat goes away and how things shape up towards the weekend, straight ahead. 6:06. do you know where your senator is? we do. more crunching numbers and sweating over numbers in annapolis tonight. the senate is working on the $34 billion budget. it's stuff like filing land records, both the house and senate want to double a surcharge to $40. the biggest difference is that the senate is thinking of raising the alcohol tax 3% over three years. the house and senate must work it out before they call it a session on april 11th. we have good news to tell you about in the down economy. more than a thousand new jobs are headed our way.
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kohl's is planning to open a distribution center in edgewood in july. over the next three years the center is expected to create some 1,200 jobs, at least 200 of those jobs will open when the center opens. the facility will distribute on-line orders. is 92 an a or b plus? or did you get ss and ps in school? tonight, a debate over grading policies of baltimore city public schools. kelly swoope joins us now live with more. >> reporter: the school board is looking for input. that is going on at a meeting tonight. right now the board is hearing from parents, teachers, really anyone who has an opinion. school leaders are trying to find a more consistent rating system across the city. while they are looking to make changes we're told that the individual schools will still be allowed to determine which percentages would be equated to which grade. for for example, 90% if it's considered an a or not.
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a spokesperson tells abc2 news we're looking to encourage more letter grades. >> proposing a shift back to letter grades. for upper-grade students. what we want is a consistent numerical representation across the district. so an "a" at one school will carry the same as an "a" at another school. >> reporter: tonight's meeting will get feedback. they will present the plan to the schools ceo. much more at 11:00. back to you. a mother demanding, what happened at school that she says almost sent her daughter over the edge. and what do do you if you find out your child is a bully? how towson university could make money off the final four even though the school isn't even close to the tournament. >> unseasonably chilly again today. 52, seven degrees below average. we've been as warm as 90
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degrees on this day. 52 though is a 2-degree guarantee so we nailed that. harvey carter from baltimore, our 2-degree guarantee weather winner. give us your name and you too may win an abc2 storm umbrella. they are nice. we'll be right back. what do we have here?
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♪ welcome. and happy baconalia! baconalia? mm-hmm. why, it's the sacred festival of bacon. a celebration of baconian delight. come celebrate baconalia! we're open to 7 new ways to enjoy bacon. denny's. america's diner is always open. new at 6:00 tonight -- fear drove a howard county teen to the edge after her middle school allegedly ignores claims she was bullied. a school vict spokesperson said what happened to jailen strange was a minor dispute between her and a classmate. jeff hager spoke with her mom today who tells a very different story.
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>> reporter: the saga of jailen strange began when she allowed a friend to borrow a necklace. the fallout from the girl's failure to return it carried over to elkridge landing middle school where her mother says life for her daughter became a living hell. >> the original accuser decided to take several students who were friends of jailen strange and start this horrific escalation of bullying, cornering her in the reftdroom. >> reporter: it's alleged her friends were turned against her and threatened her after the 13-year-old reported the harassment to the school's guidance counselor. she even began to eat her lunch in the ladies' room so she would not have to confront the girls in the lunchroom. lynn strange claims top school administrators dismissed the incident as a minor dispute. >> the school system wants to maintain this reputation for howard county public schools, that this doesn't occur in their school. they don't want to lose this
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prestigious reputation. i believe it was a direct attempt by the school to evade this matter. >> reporter: jailen's suffering reached the boiling point last week when the teen called her mother just before she boarded a bus to school and told her she wanted to take her own life. >> contact the school -- you have a child in crisis who wants to commit suicide. the counselor said she was in a critical point. >> reporter: lynn sought counseling for her daughter but on behalf of jailen and other kids like her she wants schools to take bullying seriously. in howard county, jeff hager, abc2 news. >> we talked with a spokesperson for the district and she says that school administrators met with the parents of the two girls involved, tried to diffuse the situation. she adds the schools take bullying very seriously but can't always intervene in every squabble that curse daily in i every -- occurs daily in every basis in every school. we want to show you the red flags if your child is being bullied, things like
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depression, becoming withdrawn. tonight we want to share with you some of the ways to address your child if you find out they are confronting a bully. experts say you should be an example, a good question to ask yourself, are there signs of bullying in your own home? that may encourage this type of behavior. also, when you see acts of aggression, step in. explain why it's wrong, show that bullying is unacceptable and establish appropriate consequences for bad behavior. praise good acts while punishing the bad ones. if it's necessary don't be afraid to ask for help from a counselor or even your pediatrician. why is towson rooting so hard for vcu in the final in our? it's because it's money madness, that's what it is. towson could reportedly bank as much as $100,000, even more from virginia commonwealth university, both teams are in the colonial athletic association. each of the 12 schools get a cut from vcu and the ncaa.
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and the money would be reinvested in the basketball program. towson is looking for a new basketball coach now after posting its 15th straight losing season. still gorgeous night out there. we're enjoying these longer days, finally today enjoying slightly milder weather. i wish i could tell you this was the beginning of a big warm-up and more sunshine the rest of the week. it's not. just the opposite. we'll talk about that in a second. 51 now at bwi marshall. humidity extremely low, dry, chilly canadian air still locked up over the east. over the mid-atlantic too including all of maryland. that will be the case tonight as we see temperature falling off sharply. look at the high thin clouds across the sky here in annapolis. beautiful sight here. we've got an abc2 school visit to tell you about. at germantown elementary school today, annette charles talking
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about tsunamis, hurricanes, tornadoes, the kids had a lot of good questions. good job to annette charles out there today. to visit your school, get in touch with us, answered ee-mail -- sends an e-mail to we expect to see the radar dry tonight through the first half of the day tomorrow but there are changes. light north breeze, temperatures till chilly around 50. at least we got out of the 40s this afternoon. in fact many spots getting into the low 50s. frederick 54. cambridge was stuck in the 40s all day. barely got out of the 40s from wilmington to dc. a few clouds creeping in out of the west. main storm still a good 12 to 16 hours off. but it will be in here by tomorrow afternoon, certainly by tomorrow this time. you can already see the beginnings of this thing developing with rain in southern missouri, western tennessee. down toward memphis getting showers and storms out of the
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early part of this system. but it will continue to track east and encounter that chilly canadian air locked up over the mid-atlantic. another chilly air around though it's the second week of spring to generate the chance for winter weather especially in the overnight periods. tomorrow night and possibly thursday night into friday morning. show you timing here. here's our futurecaster, inhouse computer model. rain/snow line across the state of maryland. as we see so often, it's always a tricky call but in this case we think most of the winter mix tomorrow afternoon will be confined to frederick westward. western maryland, highlands, higher elevations areas to the west. then as we lose daytime heating 6:00 tomorrow the chance for more snow to mix in with the rain, rain/snow mix possible in northern maryland, even toward baltimore. then into early thursday morning this precipitation will lighten up but we could see snow showers, especially again like carroll county westward. then finally we get a brief
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break in here thursday afternoon, but another storm that you don't see here yet will come in thursday night into friday morning. and probably mostly rain with that but there still could be a little winter mix to the west. overnight 32, increasing clouds and not as frigid tonight at least. 42 tomorrow. it's much colder, cloudy, rain showers. most of this comes in second half of the day. it will be a dry start i think. tomorrow night 33, rainy, cold. and a winter mix at times, especially north and west of baltimore. eastern shore you probably get mostly rain. 7-day forecast, the outlook here, more kind of miserable weather around here. rainy and cold thursday, friday. but, just in time for the weekend, jamie, we bring the sunshine back saturday and sunday. maybe a late evening shower sunday and into the orioles opener right now. we still look for the warmest day of the outlook, 60 degrees, maybe a few rain showers. we'll work on that. warmer weather for the os. march is running out.
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but not running out of our ideas. we're trying to keep the debt away. let's go apping now. what this is, you'll see a lot more -- it's 99 cents. is that ok? >> good bang for the buck. >> you can search for anything that you may be looking for. we took a camera. you're going on a vacation soon. all the cameras that you can buy pop up here. you can either buy them at the store or you can buy them directly on-line here. you save some money. let's take one look here. nikon, whoa, $569. you got expensive taste. these are all the prices here for this camera. >> it goes up to like $800 plus. you can save like $100. >> i picked the high rent district. if you have a money-saving app we want to know about it.
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leave comments on would you spend $566 for a camera? >> probably not. i have an old one. i'm kelly swoope with a look at what is coming up tonight on 11:00. maryland's cold case series continues tonight. continuing across our area, we hope you will be able to help. someone is going packing on "dancing with the stars" tonight. the first elimination of the season takes place right here on abc2. we're going to have the results and we also want you to join us on facebook for a live chat throughout the show. it's been pretty entertaining so far. you may see some of your comments on the air. that and much more plus wyett's forecast at 11:00. jamie? here's a camera worth $2 million. it's ours and right there at liberty and the beltway. nice and clear, have a good drive home. see you at 11:00. we'll be right back with more though.
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last weekend at seaside in glen burnie, $65 for a dozen larges. all right? they were heavy, meaty but from louisiana. the reason there's a smile on a lot of our faces here is that friday starts crabbing season in our own backyard. you have to admit crabs bounced
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back a little last year because of restrictions in place a year before. now watermen are waiting for the end of the winter dredge survey to see if the crab restrictions will be eased a little bit. the season always gets to a slow start because crabs don't really become active until the water warms up. also, gas prices, it's expensive to be on the bay now. $65 for large crabs. a dozen. >> when the old bay is like a quarter inch thick then it's worth it. they know how to make it. it's got to look like mud. quick check of the weather tomorrow. we're talking about 42 or so. wintry mix possible by late tomorrow evening. again, the outlook is a couple of ugly days of weather but improvement toward the weekend. >> i can just smell that. >> "world news" at 6:30. we'll see you at 11:00. [ female announcer ] the healing power of touch
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